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A Lady Went Out For A Date But Her shoe size Left Mzansi In Stitches!!


Men are commonly known for having big feet and wearing large shoe sizes. Women on the other hand, are expected to have small, delicate feet and to fit into smaller sized shoes. However, not every woman has the same measurements as would see from this picture. A man posted on Twitter obviously overjoyed to finally be able to go on a date with his crush. He posted a picture of her to show her off but Twitter people caught on to one thing which they found so funny.

She was wearing a black shoe which appeared to be long and big and this was the cause of all the commotion. They could not believe that a woman can wear such a big size and one person even said it might be a size 13. Any shoe size above 13 is usually worn by athletes especially basketball players as they are tall and big. I guess she is one unique lady and the gentleman is definitely excited for the date despite the shoe size. Love is blind.