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A man who demolished a house Finally says his side of the Story

In most cases , we turn to blame people before we even know what they are up to or stand for . Sometimes before reaching a point where we blame people in life for taking their own decisions and doing what they think it’s right , we must learn to at least hear their side of the story. It might happen we find our self judging people who never committed any wrong doing.

Its a good thing when we finally hear both side of the story. It always enables us to judge from a different point of views and from informed view.

One thing we must always teach our self as the people of the world , is not to judge people before we get straight facts of the matter, we must allow to get concrete information before in anyway try to judge them.

One thing which a man repeated when they were busy asking him on the main reasons he did what he did of demolishing a house.

The man made it clear that women must stop lieing always and by all means necessary