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‘A path has been chosen, many will suffer’ Duduzane Zuma declares war after his father is sentenced to prison

Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane has showed his frustration on social media and mzansi is not happy. Duduzane posts that those who are against his father has chosen a path and because of the sentence given to his father many will suffer.

He further declares wars and asks who killed Chris Hani. This has caused a lot of havoc on social media. Many think Duduzane should not use social media to intimidate his opponents or it will cost him the popularity he has gained over the years.

The responses to Duduzane’s threats are mixed. Other cannot wait to see what the Zumas will do in response. Since the former president’s son said his father will go down with many, the whole of South Africa wants to see what could actually happen.

Here are some of the responses to Duduzane’s intimidations:

“Is this the type of behaviour you gonna bring along when you become a President.A war zone?? Show respect to the constitution even if it does not favour you…Thus how we can recognise you as potential future leader Mr D Zuma.May your family find a wise mature way out of this.”

“You should stay away from Social media. Let the elders deal with this. Your father was not alone in exile. The intelligence of the past do have files. Wena focus on being future president. Cos Already you have 60% votes.

“Wena san i still owes is money with the guptas gate and u ran away and came back with some mali dance and u think we forgot”

“It’s been coming. I said I see a big war coming few months ago”