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“A Pitbull did this to this angel, im so terrified of that dog” – Woman cries out on Twitter

A Pitbull did this to this angel 💔💔😭😭😭 im so terrified of that dog.

A woman tweeted h0rrific pictures of her baby who was mauled by a Pitbull and expressed her grief after a painful ordeal. “A Pitbull did this to this angel I’m so terrified of that dog” she tweeted. The pictures are very sensitive:

See pics below:

Save a bull, a pit bull and bully breed community, shared the following tips for being a responsible owner.

-Never allow your Pit bull to roam free. Your dog should always be leashed when outside of your home or yard for their protection.

-Never take your Pit bull to a dog park. Even if you think your dog is wonderful with other dogs, all it takes is one incident.

-Take your Pit bull to obedience classes. This is an important one because it is a lot harder to look down upon your dog when he is well-trained and behaved.

-Socialize your Pit bull as much as possible before and after they reach maturity.

-Be a responsible parent! Do not allow your Pit bull to be subjected to people who are belligerent or cruel, as your dog has a keen sense of knowing who likes them vs. who does not care for them so much.

-Know where your dog is at all times. Do not leave your dog outside unattended; inside the house or enclosed within a large dog run is the only place your dog should be when you are not home.

-Working Pit Bull needs a job. Not all bullies are made for police work or able to be trained as service animals, so think small.

-Daily exercise is a must. Playing fetch, hiking, bike rides or whatever you love to do, your dog will be more than willing to participate.

-Spay and neuter your dog. Altered pets live longer and generally healthier lives.

-Understand that your Pit Bull may be dog-aggressive. Take precautions and use common sense – do not allow your dog to run up to unknown dogs, and never allow unknown dogs to run up to yours.

-Never trust a Pit Bull not to fight. Even though your dogs are the best of friends, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

-Do not breed or buy. Shelter animals die waiting for homes.