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A Sheep in a Village gave birth to a half Human Being and half Lamb

Strange things tend to happen these days and they come as a surprise because we all know that Some things are not possible to can happen but yet, they still happen right in front of our eyes. Just this other day There was a sheep that recently have birth to a lamb but the appearances of that lamb is half human and half animal, this is so confusing because how can an animal give birth like that. You get to have questions like Was it impregnated by a Human being or what ?

I had to get on the Internet and google this question 👉 can a human sperm impregnate an animal ? And it responded to me according to the Source That humans and animals can’t reproduce.

People could not believe it as they had seen such a miracle for the first time in their lives, people were running around the Village calling out to other villagers to come see what is happening. Dear reader, do you think it is possible for an animal to give birth to a Human Being ?

Remember that this story is fiction but you can always put your thoughts or views on the comment section below, and tell us what you thibk about an Animal giving birth to a human being.