Home Entertainment A ‘stupid’ question on Date My Family offends viewers

A ‘stupid’ question on Date My Family offends viewers

Date my family is a show that brings people who are looking for love together. The show is enjoyed by many people, and always trends on Sundays when it plays. It is on Mzansi Magic, every Sunday at 6pm. The show involves three familys who will each host the person who is looking on behalf of their loved ones.

After having lunch/ dinner with 3 families, the bachelor/bachelorette will decide which family represented their loved ones well, and choose from that, without knowing the person they are choosing. Most viewers have developed a very close relationship with the show.

On tonight’s episode, the bachelor who went to 3 families. When he got to one of the families, he was asked a question that disturbed most viewers. A lady by the name of Precious asked the bachelor how long he had been gay for.

Viewers could not believe that she had just asked that question. Simply because they believe a gay person is born gay, and they don’t change over night. A question she should have asked instead, is “how long have you been open about being gay for”