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A Video Went Viral Of A White Old Lady Split Saliva On Her Black Maid

Surely apartheid is still existing in South Africa even though the late former President Nelson Mandela declared peace between white and black citizens but brutality, wickedness and cruelty still lives in other peoples veins

A video went viral of a white old lady split saliva to her black maid and this left South Africa angry. on the video it clearly shows that she’s been through a lot so she decided to take video. it seems the white lady she’s mentally disturbed or its pure hatred, details on this particular case is being investigated

house workers and gardeners testified that this is not new and one we managed to interview about this case said “for some who grew up as garden boys we can relate. kuthwathwe your clothes that you are going to wear etaxi on your way home be placed on top of the fresh dog”s poo bese kuthiwa you didn’t clean the yard properly start afresh”