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Accident of the Mayor of JHB raise suspicions as foul play is suspect, due to less damage of the BMW(SEE VIDEO)

Just after a few months in the office, Jolidee Matongo was killed in an accident, the newly elected mayor of Johannesburg. Jolidee was elected after the passing of Makhubo, who died due to Covid-19 complications. During the accident, it has been reported that both the guards were injured. See the source image

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The incident occurred after Matongo and President Ramaphosa participated in the registration of local government voters in his hometown of Soweto. President Ramaphosa said: Given the vitality and enthusiasm that Mayor Matongo showed to me and the people of Soweto shortly before his death, it is difficult to understand this tragedy. “Given his untimely death and traumatic death, the time we spent together was priceless. May his soul rest in peace,” he said. Jolidee Matongo (46) was appointed as the Mayor of Johannesburg on the 10th of August 2021.

It cannot yet be confirmed if the Mayor was occupying the front seat when the accident occurred. It can only be confirmed that he is dead, and the two guards who were on board only suffered injuries. It raises suspicions as to why only the Mayor succumbed, and the two guards survived. People suspect foul play, that the accident could have been well orchestrated. Matongo was not loved by everyone, since his Zimbabwean roots always caught up with him.

The faction within the ANC, and the battle for power could have been an influence as well. South Africans are brainstorming and trying to make sense out of this situation.