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According to a Sangoma when a fly dies in your drink or food. Here’s what it means

Flies are the most hated, disgusting little creatures all because of their way of surviving. They live and eat in very unpleasant places full of germs and viruses. And than they come to your clean home.

Most African cultures believe that if a fly falls into your beverage or food and dies.It can mean either negative or positive symbolization.

Also, if a fly drops into your water and dies into it, the traditional healer and the Sangomas believe that. It can mean that somebody plots to feed you with poison.

Perhaps someone who doesn’t like you really. He might be your relative, close friend and or a nearbor who’s pretending to like you.

Death of fly can often act as a warning against danger of upcoming. Hate, malice can be seen in a fly spirit. It could mean someone will try to kill you using a poison.

In Most African Cultures when this happens a person is told to go colon cleanse and vomit after that that drink milk. It is to remove all the toxins that could kill that person.

But a fly in the house might symbolize luck in some people or visitors. A fly is linked to abundance and wealth. A Fly is an animal that is highly flexible and easy going.

Have a fly ever died on your beverage or food? What did you do? Continued to drink or you threw it away?