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Actor Luzuko Ntekelo’s last moments

It’s so sad that we are loosing all our talented actors and actresses to the cold hands of death. The painful part of it is that once they are gone, you can never find anyone as exact as the dead person. People may come very close to behave like someone who you are missing but they can never be exactly that person.

In his Instagram handle, Luzuko Ntekelo he described himself as the guy Jesus Christ loves the most, South African actor and Bishop’s son.

The cause of the 36-year old handsome dude is not yet known but speculations has it that he died of brain cancer. Recently, he twitted himself saying “How do you thank God for healing you 9f brain cancer? Could it be that the cancer wasn’t healed?

Luzuko was a well built man, energetic and charming. He was famous for his roles on Streets of Mangaung, Mfolozi Street, ring of lies, Ambitiobs, Zone 14 and so many others.

May Luzuko’s soul rest in the bosom of the Lord!!!

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