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Actor Mangaliso Ngema Calls It Quits

Actor Mangaliso Ngema has quit the SABC’s Family Secrets. Mangaliso played the lead character of Caesar Mokwena on the show.

Earlier this year, the show introduced Mangaliso’s character on Twitter with a tweet that read: “Mangaliso Ngema is “Caesar Mokwena”. Billionaire Banker & Global power player. African Banking juggernaut…Husband & Father…Man, flesh & blood. Flawed… #FamilySecrets Season 2 is on the way. Watch this space for details.”

According to Phil Mphela, the national broadcaster said Mangaliso’s replacement will continue with the role.

Mangaliso Ngema “resigns” from the SABC show. Ngema has resigned from the second season of Family Secret where he played the lead. SABC says a replacement actor will take over the role. Ngema was accused & apologized for s_xual misconduct on Lithapo set,” tweeted Phil.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter: @SnakhoQ wants to know why was he hired in the first place.

“Why was he hired? This is like that Katlego situation with the awards thing.”

“What exactly did he do? s_xual misconduct is a broad statement. Did he touch? Ushele intonbi engamfuni? Did he look or uraypile?” asked @FairmanSA.

Last year Mangaliso was accused of s_xual misconduct by another cast member on Lithapo.

Actress Lorraine Meropa took to Instagram to detail how she was s_xually harassed by her senior male colleague.

She wrote: “This is a father, who also happens to speak highly of their daughter whom by the way, is practically my age and also in the industry. I wonder if he would appreciate his daughter coming home with half the stories I have to go home and tell my mother due to his actions,”

Even though Lorraine did not drop any names on her post, soon after she posted, it was reported that Mangaliso has been fired from Lithapo following the s_xual misconduct accusations levelled against him.

“Mangaliso Ngema fired Lithapo star’s contract has been terminated by Quizzical, the production company behind the SABC2 telenovela. This follows accusations of s_xual misconduct on set laid against him by fellow female cast members,” reported Phil on Twitter.

Apologies for his actions Mangaliso took to Facebook and apologized to Lorraine and others. However, he said he cannot deny or confirm the allegations.

He wrote: “I am not going to deny any allegations leveled against my name. I will take full responsibility for the s_xual harassment case. I apologize to Miss Lorraine Moropa and others for the ab_se I directed towards them.”

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