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Actress Florence Masebe shares horror of being shot at 40 times

It has been 20 years since veteran actress Florence Masebe survived a shooting that almost ended her life.

Taking to her Twitter page the 47-year-old recalled the day she almost lost her life.

She stared death in the eye when she was shot at 40 times outside her home and left her for dead. Florence was hospitalized for weeks and went under several operations to have the bullets removed from her body.

“18 August 1999 death called, and I said NO! I am here, beautiful scars and all,” she began.

“I remain grateful for life; 20 years on, I am thankful that I was able to rise again and not let the shooting define me. Where fear could have ruled, I chose to focus on being alive.”

Reports at the time said Florence and other former Generations actors; including Sello Maake ka Ncube were allegedly on a hit list of actors.

The Republic actress has overcome many obstacles and rose above them all. Three years ago, she was broken when her son drowned in their family pool.

In an interview with Drum, Florence said she has “learned to take life as it comes.”

“I’ve learned to be calm in times like these.”

“I think life has trained me to get to a point where I make choices. I remember choosing to stay alive when I was shot. I’m just crazy, my family knows it too,” she told said.

Source : Channel 24