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Actress Mona Monyane has found Real Love

Actress Mona Monyane has finally found real and true love after years of looking and settling for the bare minimum and we have got to admit, love looks good on her. She is glowing. Mona took to Instagram to share with us what finding real love feels like and what this love is. No compromises or going for what you dont deserve anymore.

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She said, “Real love doesn’t strive to “humble” you or “put you in your place”. Real love, elevates you to heights unimagined, it reassures you and accepts you as you are. Real love reminds you that you are worthy of kindness, consideration and adoration. Real love doesn’t make you an option, Real love prioritizes you.

Real love doesn’t prioritize fear because it understands that love is a gift created by the Almighty and our job is to experience it with joy and gratitude. Real love is NOT painful… EVER. Thank GOD, I’ve rediscovered REAL love🥰❤”

Mona has been healing everyone and teaching people how to love and except when some things do not work out for the greater good.

Yesterday Mona said that one day she will delve into how answering her spiritual calling brought her closer to God “because God created everything including our ancestors… everything is of God… everything. But “religion” honors divide and conquer… 🤷🏾‍♀️ As if the Messiah was judgmental. I’ll also talk about how we aren’t all called to serve as a traditional sangoma or prayer warrior.

Sometimes we are called to be ourselves… because in doing so we remind God’s people to realize that they are enough, their path is ordained and nothing that is theirs will pass them UNLESS they choose death with the free-will God has blessed them with. I AM exactly who my creator wants me to be

Mona is on a much needed journey to healing and her ex husband Khulu Skenjana is making it a breeze. We have seen how some ZAleb couples cause drama when they separate but with Mona and her Khulu, they are co-parenting goals.

The journey Mona is embarking on, which involves healing, has instilled calm in their relationship as parents. Not that it was never easy in the beginning when they separated, but Mona says praying, communicating and being matured, helps a lot.