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Actress Natasha Thahane rushed to the hospital

After posting a photo of herself in the hospital, Natasha Thahane has set hearts racing. Her legions of fans were worried about her health and curious about the reason for her hospitalization.

She captioned the Instagram story “recovering” with a sad face and heart emojis after going MIA on social media for days. Her mental health has worsened, which has led to her hospitalization. Living in a toxic atmosphere triggered this, according to her, and it has been affecting her physical health.

This isn’t the first time she’s had a medical emergency. Natasha announced her health scare in 2019 after she revealed she was suffering from amnesia. She said in a tweet, “Weight loss that is unnecessary. Skin that is light in tone. Even after a good night’s sleep, a simple day’s work is enough to fatigue you, and you feel drained and sleepy. There will be no copying.”

The actress has been booked and busy recently, as she was recently in Cape Town filming the second season of Blood and Water. The second season of the show just ended shooting. Alzavia Abrahams, who will make his highly awaited debut on the teen series when it returns, revealed this