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Actress Nelisiwe Sibiya hits back at trolls

No matter how high she soars, actress and singer Nelisiwe Sibiya says respect is one of the most important values she holds on to.

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In an inspirational Instagram post, the Durban Gen actress said respect is one thing she will always preach to her followers and loved ones.

She said showing respect to others, regardless of who they are, doesn’t diminish one’s character.

“I do not care if you have all the money in the world,but if you do not have respect, wow, I feel sorry for you,” she said.

Nelisiwe also said that in her come up, fame and fortune wouldn’t change her true self.

“If there is one thing I pray about every day it’s always being humble and always respectful. I pray no amount of money or fame will change that!” she wrote.

The star knows a thing or two about being humble. She recently opened up about sleeping in bathrooms while working as a promoter.

Talking to TshisaLIVE, the actress said it was important for her to share unfiltered stories about her journey to stardom, so that people can be inspired and not pressured by social media.

“I chose a long time ago that I will not post anything that will make others feel less than who they are, because social media plays a huge role in people’s lives.

“It’s hard times for people and we can see that people are going overseas when there’s those who can’t even receive a R350 grant,” said Nelisiwe.