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Actress Ntando Duma On Why She Left The Queen

The character of Mpho Sebata is played by Ntando Duma. The role she plays is not well received by the majority of spectators. One of the things that viewers seem to be unable to get over is her inability to act. Viewers have been voicing their dissatisfaction with her job since she first appeared on the show. They insisted she couldn’t act in any way.

Every evening, they complain about how bad she is at acting. They appear to have grumbled until the show’s producers took notice of the uproar. They’d take to social media to complain about how bad her acting is and how she continues to fail. The majority of the time, producers take attention to what viewers have to say.

Viewers were looking forward to seeing her go. They would complain about her character every chance they got on every episode. On tonight’s show, she was declared dead after she was shot on a Friday episode.

She is leaving The Queen in search of brighter pastures. She is said to be joining a Netflix project, which she has not yet announced. This is the statement she released.