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Actress Sophie Lechaba Shares A Heartfelt Message

There is absolutely nothing more important than self love. The love that you give to yourself will never amount to the kind of love that people give you. When you love and put yourself first, nothing and nobody can take that away from you. Self love is very important.

Sophie Lechaba has been bullied, especially after she lost weight. She has been called names and that’s just how mean people can be. You cannot make fun of someone else’s illness. She was I’ll, hence the weight loss. But, despite all of that. She Rose and still conquered the world, cause she looks more beautiful than ever now. The kind of love that she gives to herself is admirable. She is an inspiration and a true Queen.

If you love yourself and put yourself first. You can achieve anything, even without confidence, self love is important. Sophie Lechaba has been down and out for too long. People started looking down on her, but that’s not an issue. The way she rose is what’s important, the way she stood firm and refused to be shaken is what inspires me.

She is beautiful inside and out. I am truly motivated by this beautiful queen. Do not forget to love yourself and to give yourself the type of treatment that you deserve. Here is the message she shared below, I hope it inspires you too.