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Actress Thuso Rubs Shoulders With Hollywood Greats!

Thuso Mbedu is on a league of her own and Hollywood is welcoming her with open arms. The actress was recently spotted rubbing shoulders with world-famous actors such as South African born superstar Charlize Theron and Australian actor and film producer Joel Edgerton.

Joel stars in Thuso’s film The Underground Railroad as a villain named Arnold Ridgeway. Arnold chases Cora, her character as she fled from the slave chamber to seek freedom. Thuso penned a lengthy heartfelt letter on IG to Joel for his impeccable performance on the series and thanked him for his support.

“We, as the audience, are used to the villain with the lopsided grin, erratic and unreasonable in all ways. But the truth is, the person next to you can be governed by the most vile values and you wouldn’t even know it until they had the opportunity to chase down and tackle and shackle someone they consider naturally less than. You were able to humanize something we would be quick to label as evil personified. That brought in an element we are not used to. That is what you did with your performance of Ridgeway,” she said before talking about his character at length.

“Mr Edgerton, you were able to take this complex role on but did it with such kindness and care towards all those around you. I will forever be grateful to you for the support you gave me from Day Zero right up until the end. You are an extremely wise and generous person and I am honoured to have met you and was given the opportunity to create and play with you Thank you,” she concluded.

Recently, Thuso also rubbed shoulders with Charlize Theron during the screening on her film Fast and The Furious 9. “WHAT AN AMAZING EVENING!

Fresh air. Good vibes. Good people. Good franchise. Good energy. Good outreach project. Good everything. Thank you very much @charlizeafrica for inviting us to the screening of #Fast9. Thank you for all the work you’re doing with #CTAOP,” wrote Thuso.

Charlize thanked everyone who came in their numbers to support her on the films screening. “Last night was a dream. Thank you so much to everyone who came out for CTAOP’s Night Out: Fast and Furious. Was such a blast to see friends in real life again, and I’m beyond grateful for the support and love shown for my foundation. A night I won’t soon forget.”

Charlize and Thuso had a little chat during a Vogue Interview and she expressed her excitement at the African talent making waves in Hollywood.

“I’m so in awe of the work that you have done. There’s this emerging SA talent coming forth right now, and I’m just really proud and really impressed. You guys are stepping in and setting that bar,” said Charlize.

For her 30th birthday, Thuso will be donating to Charlize’s donation. Talk about a generous Queen! See the post below:

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