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After Being A Trouble Maker At The Royal Palace Last Night, Man Finally Speaks Out !!

If there is one thing you should not do when you are at another family’s function is to try and stick your nose where it does not belong. This guy here who goes by the name Andile Hlatshwayo did just that and now he is the official laughing stock of the country.

Andile could have just let the media do what they were supposed to do there, which is making sure that they broadcast everything that was taking place.

After all, the media was invited and they were doing what they were supposed to do, you might have seen the moment when he tried to get the media away from what was happening.

His explanation is that what was happening there is something that was not supposed to happen and he had to interfere because that was wrong.

One might ask, what does that have to do with him, whether those people were fighting or not, it is absolutely none of his business.

And the thing is that Andile is not even related to the Royal family and yet he behaved like he was a member of the family, the people who supposed to say something did not say anything.

That should have been a sign that the media was there for a reason and there was no need to fight with them.

But it did not end well for Andile, who ended up being pushed by someone there and that was probably someone from the family.

That must have been embarrassing because that was caught on TV, he now has to deal with people calling him a fame hungry commoner.

His face is all over social media, people are basically dragging him, mentioning how forward he was. Today, there was a video from Andile, he gave his explanation, but unfortunately, that did not change anything, people still see him the same wa