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Again! Actress Connie Ferguson embarrasses herself

With all that Connie Ferguson has going on, one would think that she is super human. But, her ‘egg on your face’ moments are so many, they prove that Connie Ferguson is also just human after all.

Here are some of the few embarrassing moments:

Glamour Magazine cover

The Queen actress graced the Glamour magazine cover, but received heaped amount of hate when she donned a jumpsuit and bob wig.

Connie the thief

Koni International Brands, which belongs to Connie Ferguson was accused of stealing beauty care giant Niveas‘s packaging on their collection of men’s body care product Connie. She lost her appeal at the Supreme Court of Appeal against the cosmetics giant, Beiersdorf Group. The court said there are similarities in their products. Ouch!

The Queen Flop

Her husband Shona, is also to blame for her most embarrassing moments aired. The Queen shared bloopers on social media. It showed his actress-wife, Connie slipping up a few scenes on the Mzansi Magic show.

– ZAlebs