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Age is nothing but a number, mzansi react to a guy showing real to his 54 years old girlfriend

A guy who dates a 54-year-old woman only she makes him happy left so many social media people in Shock and disbelief what they see by their own eyes is not what people expected to see such a beautiful young guy to be in love with an old woman.

This nowadays people are dating whoever who makes he/her happy not for only is young or too older no they do whatever they want their feelings are the one who controls themselves.

To take any decision they want, one can choose someone to date for you when you don’t like that person to be your life’s best partner.

People’s reactions on Facebook are very scary, they blame the guy to date and an elderly woman who has the same age as the guy’s mother.

They say the guy is too young to date old people they need to respect his feelings to know what he wants in the future not to fall in love without age people that know more life than him.

Sometimes been single for a long time as a guy you end up dating such old people like the woman dating the small guy how does this old woman feel to date such a small boy who is the same age as her children.