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Ageing backwards! 7 Local celebs who don’t look their age!

While many people have a love-hate relationship with getting older, these South African stars don’t seem to have that problem.

Their youthful looks make them look younger than they are and it’s all thanks to taking care of their skin and body over the years. They also have good genes to thank!

Mafikizolo singer Nhlanhla Nciza revealed another secret to defying your age.

“I think being in love with life is the key to eternal youth,” she wrote on Instagram recently.

Here’s a look at seven stars who have been drinking from the fountain of youth

Tamara Dey

It’s hard to believe that Tamara Dey will be turning 40 later this year.

The singer does not look a day over 30!

Ursula Chikane

Ursula has been in the entertainment industry for almost three decades.

The 51-year-old looks better than ever.

Claire Mawisa

TV personality Claire Mawisa turned 40 in October last year.

She could easily pass for someone in her 30s or, dare we say, 20s.


TV and radio personality Azania is the mom of a 21-year-old daughter, but the 41-year-old TV and radio personality could easily pass for Shamiso Mosaka’s sister.

Melanie Bala

40 is just around the corner for Melanie Bala but you would never say so, thanks to her youthful looks.

Bonnie Mbuli

Bonnie turned 40 earlier this year but her youthful glow makes her look like a vibrant 30-year-old.

Nhlanhla Nciza

Enjoying life seems to be the secret behind 41-year-old Nhlanhla’s good looks.


Source: All4Women