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AKA and DJ Zinhle Score Major Deal

AKA and DJ Zinhle’s Insta game is about to rise to the next level after the duo were gifted with his and hers Huawei P30 Smartphones.

Smartphone manufacturers have never been shy to employ influencers to promote their new models but this year it looks like they have stepped it up. Shortly after seeing Samsung add Cassper to the Galaxy family, Huawei has decided to take do one better and hire TWO (supa) mega-stars to help promote their newest smartphone.

And who better than the ultra photogenic DJ Zinhle and the self-loving AKA to show off just how good the new P30 cameras are?

AKA was the first to tease a deal with Huawei towards the end of last week (don’t forget this, we’re coming right back to it!) shortly before he confirmed that he had a new phone with this post.

Zinhle followed suit soon afterwards when she tweeted from the beautiful surrounds of Apulia, a town in the south of Italy, that she had just joined the P30 Gang.

While most people are happy for the couple (didn’t you hear that they are back together?) Cassper Nyovest couldn’t let them enjoy their lives without pointing out the fact that hE dId It FiRsT aNd NoW rApPeRs aRe CoPyInG hIm.

So it’s no longer about watermelon vs mango; it’s now Huawei vs Samsung. Which smartphone will you be siding with?

Source: ZAlebs