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AKA And His Girlfriend Nelli Tembe Kiss And Make Up After Fight At Police Station

Things seem to be going okay in the Forbes camp, after rapper, Kiernan Forbes ‘AKA’ and his girlfriend Nelli Tembe found their way back into each other’s arms again, after a publicized lover’s spat.

City Press reported over the weekend that AKA and Nelli Tembe got into a lover’s quarrel, which escalated into a physical fight, such that the two of them had to be taken to the police to resolve their matter

According to reports, AKA and Nelli Tembe had a fight over infidelity rumors at his Bryanston home and the police had to intervene before things escalated.

Nelli Tembe is said to have stated that she was tired of putting up with AKA and she was moving out, with her bags already packed.

Said a source

“When the police got to the house, they were still fighting and her bags were packed. She told the police that she was tired of his behaviour and was leaving [him]. She told them that she was going to book herself into a hotel and stay there before going [back] home,”

The two reportedly ended up at Randburg Police Station, where they wanted to lay criminal charges against each other, with Nelli Tembe claiming that AKA roughed her up while he claimed that she slapped him.

However no charges were laid by either party.

It seems like the couple kissed and made up and it’s now business as usual.

Nelli Tembe posted a picture of her and AKA cuddling on her Instagram stories and captioned it.

‘He for keeps’ to which AKA replied with an

‘I love you’

AKA also denied breaking up with Nelli when a fan asked him on Twitter if they had broken up, saying

“Hell naw”

In the past, AKA and his ex-girlfriend Bonang Mathebawere accused of faking break ups in order to generate publicity or to get people hyped up before dropping new stuff.