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AKA Finally Confirms Nellie Pregnancy Rumours

After months of being off social media to mourn the loss of his fiancee, Nellie Tembe, AKA gradually returned on the gram to post some pictures, showcase his new hairstyle, bless fans with new music snippets but what he posted today in the morning really shocked fans….

Let’s recap for second, before Nellie Tembe committed s_icide by jumping off the balcony off a building in Cape Town, there were rumours floating around the net suggesting that she might have been pregnant but no one has ever really confirmed those rumours.

Instagram Post

AKA posted a long post on instagram suggesting that although it might’ve been father’s day yesterday, he wasn’t celebrating like other fathers but instead, mourning the loss of his late fiancee and an unborn baby.

What This Means

AKA is not only mourning the loss of one human being but two, Nellie and the unborn baby. As much as the baby was still a foetus, he/she was still a living organism but sadly the unfortunate happened.

AKA Needs Prayers

There’s been calls to cancel AKA’s music on radio, he was accused of abusing his late fiancee, he was blamed for performing at Nedbank tournament as it was deemed to early and lastly he was accused of having a hand in the death of Nelie.

Honestly guys, all these judgments needs to stop, AKA has been through a lot emotionally