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AKA finally speaks on his ‘beef’ with Nasty C

True to the Supa Mega spirit, AKA has put the onus on himself to call a spade a spade regarding beef in South African Hip Hop.

There’s no doubt that Amapiano is on the rise and whether you like it or not, you’re bound to catch the ‘yano bug; it’s pretty contagious, even AKA is onto it.

In the latest entertainment news, however, it has been reported that Hip Hop artist Nasty C claimed that he would put an end to Amapiano.

Here’s the video for reference:


We don’t know about you, but that sounded like a joke. No? Okay, well, it seems some peeps also didn’t take it quite as a joke.

In fact, some where ready to spot a possible beef between Nasty C and AKA since the Supa Mega had made it clear how he feels about people who hate Amapiano.

“I also hate people who hate mapiano,” he wrote on Twitter.

A few Twitter users ceased the moment to confirm a possible rivalry between Nasty C and AKA, little did they know what would come next.

Here’s how it all went down:

First, one tweep tries to spark a flame, but the Supa Mega waters it down.

Then another one tries to turn it all the way up but Supa Mega’s reply could not have been what he expected.

Then it got real, real.
AKA went ahead and addressed even the controversial beef between himself and Mufasa.

“The reason y’all kept me and the other guy hot for so many years is because you LOVE BEEF. Miss me with that unity [s*#t] … you some damn liars,” he wrote.

He continued to say: “You all some damn liars. Don’t tell me about “we wanna see you and so and so and so and so do a track and bring the game together” … You love beef
tooooo much.”

Nasty C also took to Twitter to clear the air. “Nobody’s puttn an end to yano. I think we all know that. That was jus a lil joke that came outta my love for SA Hip Hop,” he tweeted.

The end. No beef here.

– ZAlebs