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AKA Sends The Uncles. Here’s How Much He’s Prepared To Pay

It seems rapper, AKA is ready to pay lobola to his fiancé, Nelli Tembe after dating for several months and getting engaged for a month. The rapper tweeted a cryptic tweet a few hours ago which read: “Quick question. What’s the going rate for a Cow? Cow in ZAR these days…asking for a friend.”
Quick question. What’s the going rate for a Cow Cow in ZAR these days …. asking for a friend.

The musician and his fiancé shocked social media last month after Forbes revealed that he finally popped the big question to his young girlfriend. The duo began trending after AKA posted a pic of Nelli’s ring finger flaunting a beautiful engagement ring.

His new fiancé shared the same picture on social media with the caption:
“21/02/21 — on this day I said YES to the love of my life and best friend,(followed by a heart emoji). Words cannot describe how grateful I am to be your life partner, even through the highs and lows, you have always stood by me and I thank you Kiernan Jarryd Forbes for loving me wholeheartedly and never giving up on us. Cheers to the beginning of forever. 4L boo.”

Tembe and Forbes also revealed that the duo wrote one of the songs on his EP finessin together.

Here were some comments from his fans when he recently asked for a going rate of a cow:

“It depends Mega on the breed and purpose. For auction, a cow can go up to R120 000 and more. For a ceremony, normally, around R15 000 (biggest bull). For lobola, those can be negotiated. They normally range from R10 to 12 000 (Biggest) and others are less than that.”

“Depends if you’re going to marry the mother or not. Zulu culture goes like this: if you’re planning on marrying the mother it’s 1 cow and a goat. if you’re not planning on marrying her, than it’s 2 cows and a goat. 1 cow for the damages and 1 cow to lobola your child.”

“R12000 in Jozi before hard lockdown.”

“If the cow plays for Chiefs, these days they are cheap.”

“6,5K minimum where I’m from.”

Image Cred: NAlebrity