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AKA ‘still in love’ with DJ Zinhle but the focus is co-parenting… for now

Well, the good news is AKA is still “in love” with DJ Zinhle, and DJ Zinhle is still good friends with AKA. But as for that getting back together steez that y’all have been on? Uhm, these two ain’t there… at least not yet.

Ever since AKA’s break-up with Bonang Matheba, the star and Zinhle have publicly shown their “improved” relationship status as co-parents to Kairo.

So what’s going on with the two? Will they ever get back together? Here’s what they had to say:

Although the pair won’t be dragged into talking about the existence (or lack) of any romantic feelings that might nudge them back together, Zinhle told Real Talk they’ve decided to get along for Kairo’s sake.

“One thing South Africans are not short of is hope,” she said, before laughing at the suggestion of getting back together with her baby daddy.

“We had this conversation recently and just decided let’s start a new conversation about co-parenting, a positive conversation about co-parenting. Let people look at us and think that it is actually possible to do this co-parenting thing and get along. It is something we are now working towards. We just want to get along and be there for each other.”

She made it clear that they are not a couple but also emphasised the fact that they are a family.

“We don’t want to rob Kairo of moments just because we are not together as a couple. We want her to experience as much family moments as possible. That is where we are right now.”

AKA has also faced the question from the gallery, but this week made an admission that left the internet very hopeful.

During an interview on East Coast Radio he said he’s still in love with Zinhle.

Question: Are you still in love with the DJ?

“Yes! That is the mother of my child, what are you talking about?”

Question: Do you think you and the DJ will ever get back together?

“I can’t tell the future, I’m not a psychic.”

Source: TimesLive