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AKA’s mom speaks on DJ Zinhle

While DJ Zinhle and AKA may have gone through their fair share of ups and downs, Glammy aka Lynn Forbes, has shared that the one thing that has remained constant has been her love of Zinhle.

Speaking to Drum magazine recently, Glammy said since Zinhle came into their lives she had grown to be more than just AKA’s girlfriend and baby mama. Lynn said DJ Zinhle was not only a friend but a “confidant” she doesn’t take for granted.

“Zinhle and I are friends and confidantes. She’s a very, very special person in my life and even if Kiernan and Kairo weren’t in the picture, she would still be in my life. Even if they don’t stay together in the future, that’s okay. Life happens. We will always be family,” Lynn said.

AKA and Zinhle broke up when Zinhle was pregnant with Kairo and after two years or so (after twars, real-life conflict and a “love triangle” involving Bonang Matheba) the pair found their way back to each other.

Glammy, who stayed close to Zinhle and never left Kairo’s side, couldn’t help but share that she is thrilled for them.

“When my kids are happy, I’m happy. I’m happy for them as a couple, I’m happy for us as a family because we all get along so well and I’m happy for Kairo because who wouldn’t want that?” she said.

Lynn is all about family and hers is a pretty modern one, check the beautiful snaps of her family below.

Source: TimesLIVE