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All SASSA Beneficiaries Must Never Miss This!

As we all know that the social relief grant the R350 is entering it’s final stages, and all the beneficiaries must be made aware of that. As we all know this grant was introduced because, during the level 5 lockdown period a lot of people lost their jobs, in the process the poor suffered even further. So the R350 social media grant was introduced as a measure, to try and fight coronavirus.

It is advised to beneficiaries to find a plan B, because January 2021 the grant is going to lapse, that’s why some of the beneficiaries tried to start small business, and try to use the money in the most positive way. With that being said the beneficiaries must always check their status online, so that as long as the grant is active, they can still get what they deserve.

As we all know this social relief grant, has played a huge role in a lot of people’s families. And also people can still apply, because the agency has fixed some of it’s errors, and now people who are actually qualifying are going to get approved. You can also use your cellphone to apply using the USSD code.

I’m urging beneficiaries to fix they’re application as possible because, from the 3rd of December they’re going to start rolling payments.