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Alleged Angie Motshekga’s Ben 10 breaks the silence about their affair rumours

Another questionable scandal of the minister of basic education is South Africa, keeps on popping up and leaves South Africans with a lot of questions. People need clarity urgently, to know if it is really true that Angie Motshekga is having an affair with a boy. A thorough investigation, which can lead to the suspension of Angie Motshekga if found guilty, needs to commence.

Things got out of control when this young man updated his Facebook account and shared a celebration with his followers. Mthokozisi Magwaza seems to be in love with the South African minister of education. People are shocked to see an old woman such as Angie Motshekga roaming around with a young man. This is totally unacceptable and people know that leaders should lead by example and practice what they preach.

Surely everyone has the right to be in relationship with whoever they want to. But there are certain limits when it comes to a professional level. Certain professions do not allow people to date in a certain age group. This is the case with teachers dating school children. This is strictly prohibited, as learners can benefit a lot and get spoon feeded by their loved ones. Image result for angie motshekga

It is also shocking to see this coming from one of the most respected women in South Africa. Being the minister of education, should come with a lot of responsibility. Many children are looking up to you, and it is pivotal that you never disappoint them. Angie pulled a stunt that no one anticipated, and this is the reason why she is trending a lot lately.

She does not often appear on the TV, unless it is something important regarding school issues. She is well known for updating pupils about the school related issues. Recently she has been forced to be on TV on a regular basis, because the academic year was massively impacted by Covid-19. A lot has been happening in South Africa. Image result for angie motshekga

It is also a norm to people that most celebrities and high profile people have social media accounts. This is helpful to many people, as they get updates and keep up with trends from such people. The power of social media is real and many people benefit from it. It should be recalled that there are plenty of drawbacks that come along with social media. Some people are subjected to cyber-bullying and a lot has been victimized. This is totally dishonorable.

It should also be noted that these social media accounts can be faked, and pretend as if it is the real owners who are managing these accounts. These are some of the things that most people are aware of, and it is pivotal that they are not gullible. Image result for angie motshekga

Some accounts and pages on Facebook are verified, to show that it is the real owner behind that account. This allows people to know that it is not a random person who is using this account. It should always come into consideration that accounts can be hacked. People can take over your account and post funny stuff about it. This is the reason why some people are not convinced about Angie Motshekga accepting this relationship status on Facebook. A lot is questionable here.

This young man realized that a lot of people are sending him friend requests and wanting to know more about his relationship with the Minister of education. He posted a post, breaking the silence about him and Angie Motshekga. In his post he clearly stated that he is not having an affair with Angie Motshekga. He broke the silence a few days after updating his relationship status on Facebook. Image result for angie motshekga

It is alleged that his account was hacked. Although people are curious and suggest that he is not telling the truth. This caused a stir on social media.