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WATCH: Amanda Du Pont Engaged, Her Boo Just Proposed In The Most Beautiful Way Ever

Local star Amanda du Pont has been living it up in the Maldives on what looks like an extended birthday vacay of our dreams, but the highlight of this getaway has just been marked by a wedding proposal from her long-term partner Shawn Rodriques. The Swati beauty, who recently turned 30, is now looking forward to spending the rest of her life with Rodriques.

In an Instagram video posted this afternoon, Amanda elatedly wrote; ‘I SAID YES!!💎💍
Turns out my surprise beach picnic was @shawnrodriques epic proposal❤😭 My darling you sweep me off my feet every single time but this time you had me crying! I said yes to the man I prayed for so specifically, everything you are, is everything I asked. Life isn’t perfect, but perfect with you in it. I love loving you, so thrilled to be your fiancé!😍🙆🏻
Thank you God🙏🏽’

The sparkling blue water against the contrasting blue sky, the white sand, and their coordinated white outfits all make this entire proposal the most ethereal image you’ll see this week. Congratulations to this star couple, and we wish them a life as beautiful as they are.