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American TikToker Mocks Khanyi’s Wigs On Young, Famous And African

Netflix’s star-studded reality show Young, Famous and African premiered on 18 March 2021and it has not stopped trending on Twitter. The show features a group of affluent African A-listers and it follows their glamorous lifestyle in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Hailing from South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda, this group of friends are very influential in music, Instagram, fashion and TV. In addition to developing friendships, some are trying to find love, rekindle old flames, and reboot struggling relationships.

While many viewers enjoyed the show, others pointed out a few things they did not like about it.

TikToker Champ Bailie didn’t hold back in criticizing the wigs worn by the cast members of the show. According to the TikToker they are the worst wigs she has ever seen, shuuu. In one of the episodes, Khanyi Mbau is wearing a lime blue wig with an unsecured lace front. Many wondered why the lace front was not secured using glue tape.

Khanyi’s parenting skills were recently dragged on the show. This follows after she revealed that her 15 year old daughter, Khanukani “Cannes” Mbau, lives alone next door to her.

The other cast members were shocked by her revelation and wondered why she would let a teenager live her own life. Khanyi revealed that her mothering skills are different from those used by society. She said she allows her daughter to explore new things in life.

“We allow Khanz to be herself, if she wants to try stuff, I mean anything… we let her try it. Cause we want to see who this person is,” she said.

Perplexed by what she said, Andile Ncube pressed her for more information, “But then where do you draw the line? What happens when she’s curious about sx at 15?”

Khanyi responded “Virginity can be lost or it can be stolen. So lost is when you are ready and its a boy you think you are going to marry, you give it away. You love this guy, you are 15, you think you are going to marry him… you give it away,”

The responses didn’t please Khanyi, and she vented her frustration on those who trashed her, especially Nigerian singer Annie Idibia. She dislikes being judged by people who don’t even know her, and who are just getting to know her.