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An Urgent Warning For All Sassa Grant Applicants

It cannot be denied that a lot of troubles have come with the R350 grant being in place. Its sole purpose was to help South Africans deal with the financial effects that the pandemic would cause. This meant that the people who are struggling to make end’s meat will have some support, but it seemed to have negative impact in people’s lives. Some have been pending with their status since May while some are approved but not paid.

There has been a lot of information being thrown around the country about what is going to happen to those that need this funding. Some information has been correct but in recent time there has been dangerously false information that can do damage to the people. A very strong warning had to be sent to applicants of the grant in order to get give them a heads up of what is happening on Monday.

There has been a post circulating on the social media streets that was saying all the money for the applicants of the R350 grant has been processed and people should go to the post office to get their money on Monday. This piece of information continues to say that it is for those that have been approved on the online status and have not gotten their money. It continues to say that even if you have not received any message, you must visit a post office.

Of course the message can be very convincing at first glance but after careful research, it is found to be totally false. It can be seen by how the account that posted the message is not verified on the social media platforms. According to the name that posted the message, it is the minister of social development Lindiwe Zulu. All South African ministers have been verified with a blue tick to insure there is no miss information been given Ben to the people.

The count that sent this information is not verified at all. On top of that, the Sassa Agency has made sure that the same message of communication goes through all social media platforms. This message however could only be found on Facebook. When you check the official page that is verified for. The minister of social development on Twitter it shows nothing similar to that message on Facebook.

What all this practically means is that applicants should avoid going to the South African post office on Monday the 23rd of November. This will avoid unnecessary filling up of the office and promote the safety. There has been safety concerns in the past over stampedes that start in long lines. Most people will be turned back and they would have wastes time by going to the post office only to not get anything. This is a serious warning that should be taken into consideration before bad things potentially happens.

Whenever information is given to applicants, they have to be vigilant as to go on the internet and confirm it. No information will be on social media without it being available on the Sassa website. That is also a way to confirm for sure that one has seen. This will save time and keep people from being scammed.