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ANC top 6 wanted to meet Zuma, And Zuma told them one thing.” Ramaphosa is not welcomed at Nkandla

Zuma knows that Cyril is a great negotiator, and if he can allow him to come he will only ask after being to the Zondo commission what have done.

What we have learnt about politics from Donald Trump’s loss is that power resides in the system not the people. Zuma has the people but Ramaphosa controls the system. A populist can only sneak into power however when the system is aware of the threat, its impossible.

It has been confirmed that Matshela Koko is a liar. The end is very near for the disgraceful Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane. The ConCourt will hear the Jacob Zuma matter on the 25/03/21. The RET is falling apart. They all going to prison.

The RET and Zuma defenders specifically are ready to kill for Zuma. My question is, does it really worth it to plunge the country into anarchy because of someone who only think about himself?What will they benefit?