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ANC Top Member To Expose Who Killed Chris Hani, Spills Beans On Former Minister’s Shenanigans

ANC top member Carl Niehaus has threatened to expose those who planned for the killing of revolutionary cadre, Chris Hani.

Janusz Waluś and Clive Derby Lewis are the ones who got arrested for the murder of Chris Hani, but Carl Niehaus said there is more to the story as he argued that those two were sent to carry out the orders by people in high offices today.

Niehaus said the expose will be coming out soon so that those responsible should be brought to book.

“We still want those in high office who really plotted your death exposed and brought to book. We know #JanuszWaluś and #CliveDerbyLewis were just carrying out their orders,” said Carl Niehaus.

Niehaus also reveals that former tourism minister, Derek Hanekom should be disciplined as required by the ANC constitution after the exposè that he worked with Economic Freedom Fighters and wrote down list of names of ANC members of parliament who voted with EFF to remove Jacob Zuma from parliament.

“Here you go again! Your old EFF plot all over, but this time with racist DA. You’re the enemy within against whom Comrade OR Tambo warned us. Your abuse of Rule 2.1 is disingenuous. Let me remind you of Rule 25.17.13. Enough now! It’s high time ANC with you,” said Niehaus.