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Andile Mpisane’s embarrassing performance at Legendz of the Streetz in the USA

Andile Mpisane is currently living at least one of his biggest dreams for his career. He is in the US as part of The Legendz of the Streetz tour, where he will be opening for big international rappers like Rick Ross and 2Chainz.

A video of him at his first concert of the tour was posted online, and Mzansi has a lot to say about it. But the most recurring sentiments are negative: Mzansi is not impressed. In fact, some have gone as far as to predict that he will embarrass SA internationally, and that he should have never been made a part of that tour.

Social media users have long felt that the footballer and rapper is simply not a good rapper. Now, as the video surfaced, some have even suggested that it was only recorded to show him on stage and not the audience, because they were probably rather bored during his performance.

Others have said that the only way he could have gotten on that tour was by buying his way in. They believe he is certainly not good enough, and is still very new to the industry, so how does he qualify as a “legend”?

This is not the first time that he is getting dragged for his rap skills (or lack thereof, according to tweeps). Just recently, he announced that he would be putting the rapping on hold to focus on playing football, and social media users were not kind about it. They basically suggested that he should hang up on rapping entirely, and maybe just try to stick with the sport alone.

His mother, Shauwn Mkhize, accompanied him to the US to support him on his tour. She seems to be enjoying the trip so far, as she has been sharing a lot of luxury content on Instagram to commemorate the trip. One thing is for sure: she feels very blessed to be in New York, and her enthusiasm kind of makes us want to join them too. That and the luxury.

The family is having a wonderful time basking in all the big changes that are happening in their lives. While Andile is enjoying his first international tour of this size (whether or not you believe he deserves to be there), his wife Tamia Mpisane is at home, nursing her pregnancy.

She recently did one of the most gorgeous pregnancy reveals, as she took stunning pictures and shared a heartwarming letter dedicated to her unborn baby. We have to say, pregnancy looks gorgeous on her, and regardless of what other controversies there were around her marriage and pregnancy, this was a beautiful announcement and we join them in their excitement.