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Anele Mdoda Gets Trolled By Her Boyfriend Over Pumba Jokes

Imagine your boyfriend making fun of a situation which resulted in you being bullied, body shamed and dragged. Well, that’s what Anele Mdoda’s boo did and she had to share it on Twitter.

Just when the whole Kelly Rowland and ‘Pumba’ saga (which saw Anele trending for a whole weekend) was slowly dying down, Anele’s boyfriend ignited the whole scandal by poking fun at her.

Dinner was served, and to Anele’s surprise, her boyfriend (Thoba Mkangisa) secretly cooked ‘Pumba’. Being the thick-skinned person that some have come to admire, she took to Twitter to share the rather awkward display of love and laughed it off.

Just as Twitter was moving on from the saga, they too joined in on the fun.

Her invulnerable side proves to be bigger than anyone could imagine and she continues to display it. Anything the radio and TV presenter posts or says lately goes back to the whole Kelly Rowland situation and the shade continues.

She posted a picture of herself in shorts she purchased 7 years ago and the trolling began.

Anele is not bothered at all, and wonders why some are bothered if she isn’t.

– ZAlebs