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Anele Mdoda Hits Back!




While Mzansi is fearing a war with American Twitter over Anele’s comments on Kelly Rowland, the TV and radio personality has taken shots at the US tweeps.

Anele found herself a trending topic on Twitter for most of the weekend when she claimed American singer Kelly Rowland wasn’t as good looking as many believe. Sis Anele even offered to bring receipts to prove her point.

While Mzansi Twitter went in hard on Anele, American Twitter joined in and dragged her even harder.

Some referred to her as “Pumba” and dissed her left, right and centre about her gap teeth .

While many on Mzansi Twitter distanced themselves from Anele, fearing what American Twitter was doing to her, Anele said the American Twitter jokes were weak sauce.

She said Americans needed to come up with new jokes as the Pumba and “poverty and jungle” jokes were as stale as the ships they left in.


Sis dealt the killer blow when she claimed that SA lack Twitter was way better with the roasts.

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