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Annie: “If you do not turn away from your evil doings, Raphaella will follow Israella”

A prophetess who prophesied Bushiri’s daughter’s death has confirmed it, and said that if he does not turn away from his evil doings including his wife they will suffer another loss which is their second daughter Raphaella.

The prophetess said they must set people free because they are leading people to the dark, and they know it very well but they do not want to let go because they are gaining from it.

She’s saying that will cost them a lot because now already they have lost their daughter whom they had received a prophesy about and she will be followed by her little sister, they say if he changes this way and praise for the daughter things will change.

They are also asking other believers to pray for their little goal so that she does not death father since but most importantly there urging the father to change his ways even the mother, as they believe that it is the reason behind their child’s death.