Home News Another Easter without alcohol for South Africans?

Another Easter without alcohol for South Africans?

In December last year during the festive season, Covid-19 infections spiked and alcohol was mostly blamed for the hike in number of cases. Civilians were blamed for gatherings and heavy partying which was apparently caused by the fact that the alcohol ban had been lifted just before the December fever. Some people went as far as blaming President CyrilRamaphosa for being “irresponsible” when he lifted the ban.

Now that the Easter season is approaching, the burning question is, Will Ramaphosa ban alcohol to prevent history from repeating itself? Are South Africans going to spend another alcohol-less Easter holiday just like last year?

Over the past 24 hours, 1 004 new positive Covid-19 cases and a further 65 deaths were reported, the health ministry said on Sunday as an expert said the move to level 1 lockdown may be contributing to the increase in new infections.

Meanwhile, two more Covid-19 varients have been discovered in South African. Are we going to see another rise in hospital admissions which may result in another alcohol ban?