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Another R1 billion scandal as Deputy President Mabuza is at the apex of an alleged corruption case

There must be a R1 billion curse in Mzansi. The Police minister was once accused of corruption amounting to about R1 billion. The President Cyril Ramaphosa is said to have bought a conference for R1 billion. Now the Deputy President Mabuza is mixed up in a R1 billion scandal of an alleged corruption case.

This all comes after the Deputy President’s case was postponed once more after his lawyers requested it. Reports claim the Deputy President is at the apex of an alleged corruption case. Corruption is a major problem in African countries.

Some members of the public believe that is why the Deputy President went to Russia and has not come back. Others think the President Cyril Ramaphosa is dealing with all those involved in corruption. Taking to social media, members of the public share their views on the corruption cases in South Africa. Some people have quite interesting views and here are some of those:

“Why is it that anyone who doesn’t agree with our presidents tactics has a case pending?”

“All these corruption cases we are seeing are only touching the surface of the reality of the actual problem disturbing, The very same people that fought for freedom of SA have stolen and taken the financial freedom of the community, Heist of the century.”

“Why is it that he didn’t step aside like Ace Magashule?”

“So it begins, they will come for DD, Zweli and Mashatile”

“It can’t be normal that most of the honorable members are accused in corruption cases …I sweat there’s no difference between the orange jumpsuit and the green yellow and black .”

“Seems like everyone at ANC is alleged to corruption beside Ramaphosa. Wow”

“The insidious nature of individualism is crippling and deepening the poor South Africans.”

“When does this end? When do we as a nation say enough is enough? This is not what South Africa is about, the headlines are a constant reminder that anyone is a Thief..”

“Lol, welcome come to Banana Republic. Cyril is dealing with them one by one with his courts, while they are scared to stand collectively to stop his state capture before it’s too late. Bathathe wena Cyril ‘Who’s next?’ Ramaphosa. Lol”

“Thats why he went to Russia and left us in troubles wow this government believe me i won’t vote for Anc sorry …..my vote will go to hmmmmmmm”