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Apparently She is only 15 years old

The tweeter streets have been a buzz, after a picture of this young women was shared on the platform by a well known influencer Hermaine Mashaba. Judging from the picture you can already see why everyone was going crazy. The reason would be her abnormally big butt. Though a lot can be said about how amazing big it is something a one of the twitter user said in the comments is want sent people on an even crazy buzz.

The twitter user by the name of Kamogelo, who knows a little more information about this girl and even though not a lot is know about the girl because she is not on social media platforms, this user was able to she that she is only 15 years old.

This was a shock to many users judging on the fact that her body say otherwise. Many where disappointed because she is too young to date many and that could lead to a criminal case. Others where just shocked as she has the body of a woman in her 20’s. Moral of the story be careful out there gents and make sure you ask a girls age before pursuing her as one mistake at you could be looking at years in jail.