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Are Khanyi Mbau and Tebogo back on?

It has been three months since Tebogo Lerole and Khanyi Mbau announced their breakup on social media.

And ever since then, Tebogo hasn’t stopped gushing over Khanyi on social media.

The musician is always sharing new, unseen images of the two of them with cute captions to go with it.

These unseen images have everyone wondering whether they are new images that the couples is taking, meaning they are spending time together, or just old pictures that were never shared online.

We do know that the couple has been spotted together cosying up at social event not caring who sees them.

On Wednesday this week, Tebogo posted a baby pic of Khanyi and called her his Woman Crush Wednesday.

Khanyi hasn’t been sharing much regarding Tebogo or their relationship but she has been liking some of Tebogo’s posts.

Did these two really break up or was it a pr stunt?

Flash back child, don’t know what in the world we were doing

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Source: Daily Sun