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Are Sjava and Lady Zamar over?

A recent report published by Sunday Sun alleges that rumoured couple, Sjava and Lady Zamar have broken up due to his “roving eye and controlling ways.”

29-year-old Sjava (real name Jabulani Hadebe) has been rumored to have been dating Zamar (real name Yamikani Janet Banda) for the past few months. Neither of them have publicly confirmed the relationship.

According to the report, the pair broke up after Zamar reportedly found out that Sjava was allegedly cheating on her with two women. The problems in their relationship were also allegedly compounded by his alleged controlling ways which involved keeping tabs on her movements and wanting her to report back about where she was and who she was with.

The report went on to allege that the pair had moved in together, despite the fact that he allegedly has a wife down in KwaZulu Natal and that she now has to move out.

When contacted for comment on the report, Sjava stated that he and Zamar have never dated and she could not be reached for comment.

Source: ZAlebs