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Arthur Mafokate speaks out on corruption claims

Following reports that finger Arthur Mafokate in the corruption at the National Council of Arts, the kwaito star has broken his silence.

In a statement, he said he has no affiliations with the previous and current NAC boards.

“I wish to state categorically that I have no affiliations with the previous board nor the current board, which is now in place. It is an incredibly sad day when people in the creative sector with the right intentions are slandered in this way.

“Not everyone that is receiving funds is misusing funds, while that may be what members of the rumour mill’s perception is, it is not my intention to do so,” he said.

The king of kwaito said the NAC has called for individuals and organizations to propose projects that would benefit the creative industry.

“Various organizations and companies with the capacity proposed projects to help benefit the industry. Each proposal submitted was to benefit the organization’s field of expertise and those in that field,” read the statement.

He said those who think he received money as if procedure was not followed should educate themselves about how the funding process works.

“To those who insinuate receipt of funding by me and those related to me, as if due process and procedure was not followed by us in submitting proposals like everyone else in the industry, you would do well to inform yourselves as to how these funding programs work,” said Arthur.

He said his son and daughter were creatives and businesspeople, who do service in South Africa.

He also stated that he owns two companies: 999 Music and Roadshow Marketing.

-daily sun