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As Zuma LEAD at King Zwelithini’s funeral, SEE what people spotted & started ATTACKING [email protected]

One of the greatest Kings in South Africa has fallen. A king that has been admired by many people. It was a very sad moment when the news was shared and broken down to many people that were traumatized and caught off guard by the passing of this leader.

There are only a few Kings in South Africa, this is the reason why they carry so much value and people have immense respect for them. They are the people who still try to make South Africans not lose their roots. Very special people indeed.

Icons are leaving this plant one by one. A sad reality that we are facing and there is nothing we can do much about it. People classify King Goodwill Zwelithini as a true leader, he stood by his ground. This is what is anticipated from leaders, not to be influenced by everything, because in that way they will not be able to manage and control people.

He was laid to rest yesterday at his home, and a lot of people were eager to attend this funeral, but failed due to several Covid-19 restrictions that did not allow mass gathering. It is common that Kings are buried by the entire community, people want to pay their last respects.

In this picture that has been shared it impressed a lot of people, as everyone in this picture is wearing a mask and they are showing some leadership qualities and expectations. Despite less number of reported deaths and confirmed Covid-19 cases, this does not mean that this invisible enemy is no longer effective. We need to protect ourselves at all times and save millions of lives.

As a King has fallen, people expected the current and ruling South African president to make his way and attend the funeral of King Goodwill Zwelithini. It is a norm that Kings are buried by presidents.

Unfortunately Cyril Ramaphosa did not attend this funeral which raised a lot of eyebrows from the citizens. His spot was taken by Jacob Zuma who is the former president of the Republic Of South Africa.

People are questioning what has happened, and want to know if Ramaphosa is the one who instructed Jacob Zuma to represent him or not. Ramaphosa has been dragged on twitter, as people suggest that this shows lack of respect for the deceased.

Jacob Zuma might have done this out of his own interest, and had a good relationship with the late King and wanted to pay his final respect and let everyone know that he cared for him. This is a classic move from Jacob Zuma.