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Assistant teacher during lunch at your children’s school

An assistant teacher breaks the internet with her picture during break time and now people are surprised with her intentions of taking this picture, in this way she just did. Now the picture is circulating on social media since it’s break through.

She is having a good time while taking some cooling time during lunch so that she could be more confident and fresh just like when she arrives in the morning. People have many ways of refreshing and when it comes to her, she does it this way.

Schools have hired assistant teachers this time and it serves as job creation and with minimising the unemployment rate that it has spiked very high since the beginning of the lockdown in South Africa.

People from online are concern about her behavior that it would be considered to be done by children or those school learners who are still in the process of getting a full basic discipline from teachers.

This move she took during break time is the one that got so much attention to the internet and now people are having a conversation about it. But then at the end of the day it is about her enjoyment at work.

Good luck with her job at this school and continue to shape lives of her learners to become better and outstanding future citizens of South Africa. She looks likes those teachers whom learners love them most.