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“At least 3 billion people need to die”, a video of how they want to k_ll Africans leaked

In the words of bill gates, ” there’s so many people in the world, we need to get rid of. At least 3 billion people need to die, we will start by africa, we’ll start doing our research there to eliminate most of Africans because they are wealth less and useless, they don’t contribute to the world economy , they have the rights to be taken away”. Search @omilly_n on twitter you’ll find the video.

It was written in the Book of Revelations, but non the less we should never forget that even still, in the 20th century, David will still beat Goliath

Unfortunately only a handful of people have access to such info…. majority(Billions) only watch TV & parrot fabricated info from yesterdays news!… therefore will easily fall pray. Africa is Rich they will see Our God fighting for us .African is a praying nation it will not be destroyed by a human being .

Lapho as South African We think we are the Special kind of breed,we think we are better than any other African countries but in the eyes of these people ‘Africans are the Same’ we should be stopping now fighting each other and confront the real enemy here Crossed but instead we do the opposite.

Youth stay home they are the one who don’t listen , some go out to restaurants to show us pictures and all . Stay home coronavirus is here to kill everyone and not it doesn’t play.

The media is behind the world reset,whatever you see or hear on news is already controlled.