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Babes Wadumo Pays Tribute To Mshoza And The Message Left Many People In Tears

Mshoza’s death broke many people’s hearts. Her death came as a shock to many people. Mshoza was a South African singer and dancer. She started her career at the age of 10. Nomasonto Maswanganyi passed yesterday in the morning after suffering from diabetes for many years. Mshoza died at the age of 37 and leaving behind her two kids. Many knows her by her hit song Kortes that was released in early 2000 featuring Mzambiya.

Many of her friends and fans paid tribute to her. Babe Wadumo is one of celebrities who paid tribute to Moshoza. Babes Wodumo posted a video her and Mshoza dancing on Instagram and captioned it with a long statement that left many people in Tears.

The music industry lost the Queen of Kwaito. Many of us we grew listening to Mshoza. She inspired many young musicians


RIP Godmother. The Gigi Gang Loves you. We will tell you all about the strides when we see you again. You opened it all up. You fought and lived a good one. A pioneer. A sister. A fearless women. Mbokodo. A singer and rapper Gigi Lamayne tweeted.

May Soul Rest In Peace . She will be dearly missed by many people.